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3 generations of the McCann family Irish apple growers and producers of irish apple products







New Apples produced from the apple orchards of P McCann and Sons

Product Development
and Specialities.

P.McCann and Sons are supplied by a number of growers from all over Ireland and the UK, supplying Dessert apples, Bramley apples and pears.


Working with nurseries throughout Europe, P.McCann and Sons advise growers on up to date planting practice and help plan their investment for new plantations and growing techniques thus helping them to achieve the best return from their investment.  Advising growers to try new varieties in their orchards to keep up market trends with apples and pears.


With in the last year, a group of local growers, lead by P.McCann and Sons technical Dept, Lougry Food College and DARD have set a goal to meet the certification required by customers and third party auditing bodies including Euro cap and Natures Choice standards


P.McCann and Sons encourage Organic Plantations to assist the ever growing Organic Market.  Currently there are 2 Organic apple farms and one small pear farm in Ireland.


With 40 years experience in the growing and fresh marketing business P.McCann and Sons have diversified with many different packs and specialised in local and UK product storing, grading, packing and processing.  The modern technology that we have in place allows us to look at the different trends in the market place and then diversify to suite the customer requirements, part of this is the new juices and cider range.


We pride ourselves in packing and processing locally grown produce.  Throughout the growth of the business from 1968, P.McCann and Sons have remained dedicated to the promotion of locally grown fruit and support of the local producers.


We Specialise in.

+  Bramley Cooking Apples

+  Dessert apples

+  Pears

+  Organic Apples

+  Organic Pears

+  Range of Pure Juices and Cider

+  Prepared sliced/ diced apple

+  Prepared sliced/ diced rhubarb

+  Apple Mix

+  Rhubarb Mix


Within recent years P.McCann and Sons have worked with several governmental bodies to enable growth and provide a better service, meeting all regulations.  Some for the organisations we have worked with include


+ Loughry Food College


+  AFBI (Loughgall, Co, Armagh)

+  Bord Bia


We at P.McCann and Sons pride ourselves in producing natural, fresh products for the increasingly demanding market for a healthier lifestyle, supporting five portions per day as outlined by the Department of Health.